The Wisdom of Rahab (Part 2) – Bishop N.E. Moses

The Wisdom of Rahab (Part 2) - Bishop N.E. Moses

You cannot tell the story of Jericho’s stunning defeat without telling the story of Rahab. She was a woman of ill repute and yet God used her mightily. What did Rahab do differently?

In this sermon from the archives of Bishop N.E. Moses, he teaches on “The Wisdom of Rahab”, and how her bold confession of the power of the LORD God saved her from destruction.

We encourage you to download this sermon and allow the Spirit of the LORD, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding minister to you through it.


Bishop N.E. Moses is the founder of the Overcomers Church World Outreach. He is a prophetic speaker and an insightful teacher of the word, who has also authored several books. He is a husband and father of four children.

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