The Wait Is Over (Part 2) – Rev. Virginia Moses

The Wait Is Over (Part 2) - Rev. Virginia Moses

In the second part of her series, “The Wait is Over”, Rev. Virginia Moses teaches us about the power of our expectation in breaking delay and stagnation.

We see how the Church in the book of Acts 12:13-16 prayed earnestly for God to deliver Peter from the clutches of Herod. Yet, when God delivered the answer to their doorstep, they were so full of doubt, they refused to open the door.

When you pray, are you full of expectation or is your doubt shutting the door on your blessings? We encourage you to listen to this powerful sermon; pray along with us and be encouraged to open the door and receive your blessing!


Rev. Virginia Moses is the wife of the founder, Bishop N.E. Moses, as well as the Senior Pastor of the Overcomers Church World Outreach. This anointed servant of God has been in the ministry, serving God in the area of counselling and intercessory warfare prayers. She is also a sound preacher of the Word of God.

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