The God of New Things: Restoring Relationships

The God of New Things: Restoring Relationships

Sin separated Adam and Eve from the fellowship of God, and from that moment man began to search, looking for love in all the wrong place.

When your relationship with God is faulty, like the Samaritan woman, you will always be searching, always be wandering. It is only your relationship with God that gives you the peace and healing you need that allows you to forge other healthy relationships.

In this Power Encounter sermon, “The God of New Things: Restoring Relationships” by Mrs Pat Onaro, you will learn the importance of first mending your relationship with God, loving God first, in order to then love your neighbour as yourself.

We strongly encourage you to download this sermon and listen to it over and over again until healing is restored to every broken relationship.


The Overcomers Church World Outreach is a Bible-believing and praying church. Our pastors teach and preach the infallible Word of God without compromise. We know you will be blessed by the Word of God you are about to receive.

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