The God of New Things: Healing & Restoration

The God of New Things: Healing & Restoration

All through the month of June, we will be unveiling “The God of New Things”.

In this Power Encounter sermon, “The God of New Things: Healing & Restoration” by Tobechi Moses, we are focusing on praying for newness, restoration, and complete healing in our bodies. In whatever way, the enemy has attacked your body, your mind, or your wellbeing, know that Christ Jesus came to set the oppressed free.

The healing power of God is unrestricted and it will meet you wherever you are. We invite you to download and listen to this impactful sermon. Let the word of God take root in your heart and bear lasting fruit in Jesus Christ name. AMEN!


Tobechi Moses is a lifelong member of the Overcomers Church World Outreach. He is a careful student and teacher of the Word of God, and he speaks the Word with boldness. He is also the first son of Overcomers Church founder, Bishop N.E. Moses.

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