The God of New Things: Do You Know Him?

The God of New Things: Do You Know Him?

“That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection.” (Phil. 3:10)

This is our heart cry and the focus of this Power Encounter midweek service. You cannot fully receive from the God of New Things if you do not KNOW and understand the God you serve. When you know the God you serve, you are bold and you trust in Him all the more, and you become like Mount Zion that cannot be moved.

This sermon, “Do You Know Him?” by Ps. Chidiebere Cosmas, encourages us to draw closer to God and discover the breadth and height and depth and length of our God. May God unveil more of Himself to you as you listen to this message, and may the Word take root in our heart and bear lasting fruit in our lives. In Jesus Christ name, amen.


The Overcomers Church World Outreach is a Bible-believing and praying church. Our pastors teach and preach the infallible Word of God without compromise. We know you will be blessed by the Word of God you are about to receive.

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