Help From Above: Putting Your Angels to Work

Help From Above: Putting Your Angels to Work

In Hebrews 1:14, the Bible describes angels as servants, ministering spirits sent to serve the heirs of salvation. All who have placed faith in Jesus Christ is an heir of salvation, which means we have angels assigned to our service. Are you putting your angel to work?

In this powerful sermon, Putting Your Angels to Work, by our brother Ps. Grant Idika, you will discover how you can use the force of prayer, praise and sacrifice to put your angels to work and live a fulfilled life here on earth.

We encourage you to download this sermon, listen to it, then pass it along to someone else who needs to hear this word!

God bless you in Jesus Christ name, amen.


The Overcomers Church World Outreach is a Bible-believing and praying church. Our pastors teach and preach the infallible Word of God without compromise. We know you will be blessed by the Word of God you are about to receive.

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