Power in the name of Jesus! How God saved me from near-fatal accident

Power in the name of Jesus! How God saved me from near-fatal accident

A month before my testimony happened, my first son, Samuel, had a frightening dream about me.

I was on an official assignment in Satellite Town, Lagos that week and got a text message from him verly early one morning. He said he was calling for a fast because he’d dreamt that the devil not me died.

From the tone of the text message you will know how tense and worried he was. My son also sent the text message to his siblings and other members of the family.

At the time he called for the fast, my son was sick with Typhoid fever and was on medication. I quickly called him and told him not to worry about fasting. I didn’t want him to break taking his medicine and delay his recovery, so I assured him that I would fast.

Every Wednesday at the Overcomers Church, Aguda, we fast. So I fasted and prayed and then traveled.

I traveled home for the burial of a close relative and quickly after the funeral, we set out to return to Lagos. Before I left, I shared some money to the people living in the family compound.

As I was doing that, I heard a voice that said – not once, not twice, not even ten times, the voice was continuous – and the voice said, “the same people you are giving money to will soon hear of your accident, they will soon hear of your accident… don’t worry, they will hear, they will hear.”

I immediately started rebuking and rejecting the voice and those words. Before the journey back, I told my cousin, a pastor, that I had a burden in my heart. I asked that we stop our discussion and say a word of prayer. We prayed together and I set out. The journey, at first, was so smooth.

When we got to Shagamu, on our way to Lagos, right before this very busy intersection, I told the driver to slow down and horn, as a precaution. Instead of doing that, my driver decided to speed up and was doing 120, 130mph, as we approached the busy intersection.

At the intersection, we were on a collision course with another vehicle coming from a different direction. My driver swerved the car to avoid the crash and our car took such a sharp turn, we were immediately airborne.

Have you ever seen a car flying? The car went up and down mid-air and somersaulted the length of about 70 metres before a forceful landing on the other side of the wide road, headed back toward Benin.

The car had leaped over the pavement dividing the roads, one leading to Lagos and the other to Benin.

Do you know what the amazing thing is? The testimony is that I did not suffer a single scratch, I didn’t even hit my head, my legs anywhere.

Do you know all we were saying was “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” We were screaming at the top of our voices “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” That was how the car came to a stop. God brought the car to a safe landing, and saved us from what would have been a ghastly and fatal car accident.

To God be the glory for His mercies.

Pastor E. Afemikhe
(Overcomers Church, Aguda)


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