Powerful testimony – “How God delivered me from projected death”

Powerful testimony - "How God delivered me from projected death"

I want to thank God for His mercies, divine protection and deliverance. He is the God that says He will give men for our sake.

One Sunday morning service, at the Overcomers Church Orile parish, our Pastor Aniakor told us to pray against sudden death. She said God revealed to her that the wicked one wants to use people for sacrifice and that she saw blood and death.

Pastor Aniakor urged us to pray fiercely and declare that any man or woman that wants to use us for sacrifice or that is projecting death will fail and their plans will return back to sender.

My brethren, our God is awesome! Three days later at my place of work, an Indian company in Amuwo Odofin, my boss came to me and told me to go home. I was surprised and didn’t know what I did wrong. I wondered if I was being sacked or suspended, but I obeyed and went home.

Later, my colleagues called me and told me that my boss, the same man who ordered me to leave the office, was dead. I was shocked and asked what happened.

They told me that while a new machine was being installed, my boss sat at my vacant desk to supervise the work going on above my desk.

My co-workers said the machine suddenly fell and landed on the head of my boss. The force of the blow smashed his head and he died instantly.

Had I been on that seat, I don’t know what would have happened. I thank God for delivering me from projected death. Praise God!

Sis Agu
OCWO (Orile Branch)


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