God foiled my brother’s evil plans towards me

God foiled my brother's evil plans towards me

On a Wednesday night service, the man of God at the Overcomers Church World Outreach, Bishop N.E. Moses, was ministering when all of a sudden he stopped and turned in my direction.

He gave a prophetic word: “There is a lady in the service that would be told to leave the house when she gets home,” he said.

Then Bishop went on to assure said lady to not be discouraged when she is cast out of her home, saying that “the power of God is all over her in her going out and coming in at her residence”.

At the time, I thought nothing of it. Surely, the servant of God could not be referring to me. I returned to the home I shared with my brothers, one older and a younger. At about 1 a.m., my older brother, in anger, demanded that I pack up my things and leave his house.

I was shocked, even as memory of the prophecy given at the service came rushing back. I realized then that the word was meant for me. I pleaded with my brother and asked to know why I was being sent out of the house when I have done nothing to offend.

Livid, my older brother said he would have no more of my Christian ways in his home. He blamed me for bring our younger brother to know the Lord and he hated the fact that I prayed. The prayers, he said, affected everything about me – even my belongings.

He insisted on my leaving, but as the chaos intensified at home, my younger siblings pleaded with the eldest not to cast me out of the house. They insisted that I remain with them. Outnumbered, my angry older backed down, but only temporarily. He threatened to travel and return with strong charms.

True to his word, he traveled, but upon returning to Lagos, the commercial vehicle he had boarded developed strange faults.

On a whim, the bus driver decided to search the passengers as he didn’t believe the faults to be natural. When the charms were found on my older brother, he was asked to come down from the bus and was then handed over to the authorities. He had no defense and was forced to abandon the charms before he was allowed back on the bus.

He returned to Lagos, shaken and repentant, and confessed his plans to me. He begged my forgiveness, which I gave.

My older brother soon turned his life around. He now follows me to church and brings the family along.

Sis Kemi. A, a member of the Overcomers Church World Outreach, sent in this testimony.


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